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Boyo revolutionizes the way brands can identify, interact with, and engage the top customers of their physical products

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Enjoy the highest level of physical, digital and identity UID, interconnected at its core.


Offer customers exclusive owners’ perks that fosters brand loyalty, easily scanned with any mobile.


Turn your loyal customers into partners and micro influencers, benefit from the power of your community.

Advanced Commerce

Unleash new possibilities such as presales, redeemable products, and trusted trade protocols online or offline.

Analytics Dashboard

Learn about your trusted clients consuming habits using aggregated scan data.

Next Gen

Onboard young audiences to the brands’ digital eco-system with web3 compatibility.

works with leading blockchains

The ultimate link of the physical and the digital - Boyo's MetaTag™

Boyo’s MetaTag has revolutionized the authentication industry with a cutting-edge 1:1 solution that is second to none. 

With seamless tagging integration and a unique immutable token, MetaTag offers an unparalleled authentication experience that guarantees ownership, engagement, and enhanced commerce.

Using Boyo’s original technology, our Tap-To-Transfer (TTT) Protocol assures that the physical item will never separate from the digital token.

Proven on multiple industries.

With Boyo, you’ll discover a whole new level of efficiency and customer satisfaction. By authenticating your items and maximizing your consumer-facing benefits, you’ll see an impact on your bottom line. Say goodbye to working in the dark and hello to a bright new future with Boyo!

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