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The creative potential is unlimited, so why settle for less? Unleash the power of blockchain’s ownership economy to amplify revenue streams, trust, and engagement around tangible assets.

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Boyo’s authentication relies on an two-factor tokenization technology.

Capsule Drops

Create scarcity by on-chain limiting the collection’s quantity.

Loyalty Club

Offer holders exclusive content, digital twin, cross sales, and events.

On-Demand / Presale

Trade digital collection tokens prior to actual production.

Track & Trace

Learn about your trusted clients consuming habits using scan data.

Market Expansion

Penetrate new and young crowds that are into the metaverse.

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The ultimate link of the physical and the digital - Boyo's MetaTag™

The World’s Most Comprehensive Physical Blockchain Tag Solution.

Using Boyo’s original technology, our Tap-To-Transfer (TTT) Protocol assures that the physical item will never separate from the digital token, while our Digital-To-Physical (D2P) Protocol enables switching tokens from digital to physical state, allowing presale and on-demand physical manufacturing.

Skyrocket your brand. Proven on multiple industries.

NFT industry is metamorphosing from digital-only speculative assets into tokenizing real-world assets. Our technology is opening new revenue streams for brands across the globe.

Placebo Phygital Fashion


Ortal Reinich

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We in Boyo believe that learning is super-important. Unfortunately, we meet with too many misconceptions. 

Web3 is actually enabling new possibilities and opportunities which makes the world a better place.

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