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Test Kit




Autheticated NFC Tags

Our passive encrypted tags act as an authentication device using our advanced encryption algorithm.

Tap-To-Transfer Protocol

Scanning of the tag is required to claim ownership of the physical token. Transferring without scanning will be blocked on-chain.

Public Blockchains

Boyo is running on Ethereum and Polygon, so you will be able to see and sell your tokens on platforms such as OpenSea and Etherscan.

Your Collections

You will 100% own your signed collection (smart contract). In addition, using advanced technology our collection deployment is relatively cheap.

Minting Options

The end user can mint the MetaTags after scanning and authenticating or by the creator using our dashboard.

Mainnet Implementation

Starting from the Essential plan you can go beyond the testnet and mint on Ethereum and Polygon mainnet. 

Priority Support

Boyo’s team are here for you to help and listen to your needs. We are here to support and we promise to respond quickly.

Track & Trace

Receive valuable first-hand data about your consumers and track and trace your product scans, and counterfeiting attempts.

Utility Token (Token-Gate)

Your clients’ gateway as owners enables exclusive access only for token holders. This can be utilized for events, cross-sales, engagement, etc.

CRM Integration

Let owners register their details and open a direct P2P communication channel between the brand and the client, without distribution agents intermediacy.

Digital-to-Physical Tokens

Use redeem option to switch between open-traded digital tokens and physically-linked tokens.

Hard-Limit Quantity

Create real scarcity and transparency using on-chain limited-edition collections that can be queried by any agent.

E-commerce Integration

Connect Boyo with leading e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce.

Full Customization

Match the logo, colors, fonts to your brand identity, and add extra menu items to fully-control the experience.


Integrate with Boyo’s platform using our API commands to build more comprehensive solutions with higher level of complexity.

Branded Creator Economy

Use Boyo’s white-label platform and unleash the world’s creative potential, allowing designers to create variations of your porducts.